Quick Makeup Tips From Leading Makeup Artists

mascara tipsSometimes you just want something different. A different look, a different hairstyles, and different life! With these 3 quick make-up tips, you’ll spice up your look in no time.

1. Experiment With a Different Liner Shade

Most women use a black eye liner. While I’m a big fan of black - you do need to try something new once in a while to keep the excitement up. It’s really fun experimenting with different colors of liner.

If you want to look professional, you;ll want to keep a dark shade like brown or dark blue. When it comes to the weekend or a night out, try a few bright colors. You might be surprised how a little color change can affect you’re entire look.

You don’t even need to spend any money experiment with different shades. Go to the mall, and try them in the stores. Most of the time, a make-up expert might even be there to help you chose a new color for your skin tone.

2. Try a New Mascara

The same with eye liners, most women get stuck in their way when it comes to buying beauty products. Why not test a new brand, a new formulation. Go for volume eye makeup if you usually focus on lengthening or go for both. These subtle changes can make a drastic appearance in how you look. It’s really all about testing new formulations and colors and seeing what looks best on you.

3. Make Sure You Curl First

Moving on from step 2, most professionals swear by curling before applying mascara. Use an eyelash curler before not after for the the biggest and brightest look.

With these tips you’ll be looking like a new woman in no time. Remember, what looks best will really depend on you. What skin type you have, you’re hairstyle and even your clothes will impact what looks best. Keep trying, have fun experimenting with new things and you’ll find your optimal look and make-up in no time! Have fun trying something new this weekend.

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