Skin Problems

Struggling with bad skin? Got a date coming up? Don’t panic, we have some great advice that will hide those pimples in no time.

But bear in mind, this advice is to conceal spots, not get rid of them. There are plenty of natural remedies for acne that have been proven to work very well. We highly recommend you actively do something to solve the problem, as covering it up just isn’t a great long term plan. What’s worse, some of these tips might inflame the skin a little more and make things worse.

There’s plenty of systems and books out there which deal with what products to use, how to change your diet to get rid of acne as fast as possible. We found a great Acne No More book review which I would encourage you to read.

cover up acneBut for those who just want to hide their zits right now, here’s our tip tips for concealing with makeup. Make sure you follow these carefully because if done wrong, you may actually highlight the spots instead of hiding them!

The first step is to cleanse and moisturize your face, and gently pad your face dry. If you want to reduce the swelling a little further you could use ice or ibuprofen to really reduce the red swelling. The next step is to use a hydrating primer (check the ingredients and ensure you’re not using a silicone based primer as this will make things worse).

Once that’s done, start applying green concealer on the affected areas. Use your finger to pat the concealer on the spots (don’t swipe). Then it’s time to add some foundation. Make sure you add the foundation carefully so as to not remove the concealer.

We’re almost there! Once all that’s done use your day-to-day color concealer, which should be the color of your skin (or at least somewhat similar). Use this to conceal the green areas still showing. The best way to do this is by putting a thin layer onto a concealer brush to pad the affected areas. You could use the bristles to push the concealer into the pimple. This will conceal it better but might cause more irritation, so I generally wouldn't do it unless I was desperate to cover everything up! As a final step, just powder up - preferably translucent or a darker color to hide everything away.

These simple steps should have concealed the pimples, zits and any redness from your face.

Before I finish, I'd like to stress again the importance of actually treating the acne. Just covering things up WILL make it worse. I've already suggested some natural treatments above, but if you're desperate and just want a solution that will reduce your acne fast, then I'd recommend reading this Acnezine review. Acnezine is a medicated acne cream and supplement which has helped many people take control of their face once more.

So there you go, you now know how to cure your acne naturally, how to get rid of it fast with supplements and creams, and how to hide it almost instantaneously. Hope this was all helpful!