Natural Beauty Treatments

There has been a lot of debate recently whether traditional make up is a hazard to your health or not. In particular, with natural products becoming more popular, natural makeup products such as mineral make-up has recently become much more popular. Here I'll take a look at whether there's any truth in the stories about  makeup being dangerous and I'll also look into whether you should be using something like mineral make-up instead.

Is make-up dangerous?

Scarily, I'v been reading some articles that suggest traditional make-up is full of toxic ingredients which are dangerous to our health. Ingredients such as coal tar, benzene and phenylenediamine are often found in products like blushers. Many cosmetics are full of other harmful substances such as synthetic ingredients which not only harm us, but poison the environment. We've not really seen conclusive evidence of any of this, but the stories alone are enough to scare us into looking for more natural alternatives. One thing to bear in mind, is that the make-up we use and recommend is of high quality, and those news articles tend to focus on cheaper products. If you are concerned you could check out the prodcuts you use at EWG.

So what's the deal with mineral make-up?

mineral-makeupI've seen more and more dermatologists recommend mineral make-up because it’s better for your skin due to the lack of chemicals and additives which could lead to irritation. So if you have sensitive skin, then yes, a natural make-up may be beneficial to you. But are there really any other benefits?

Well one main benefit of using mineral make-up is that as opposed to regular make-up, it provides some form of sun protection. This is as the results of ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide which block the sun. But even then, it's not a complete substitute to sun screen on a sunny day.

One thing to be careful of is when buying mineral make-up is to quickly check the ingredients listed on the product. You might be surprised to see not everything is natural. Go for a well known brand that has a good reputation to protect yourself from any nasty chemicals.