Best Anti Aging Make-up Tips To Make You Look Younger

We all put on make-up to look better. But there comes a time in each women's life where we start putting our make-up on more to hide our wrinkles than anything else. In this post I'll be sharing my secrets on how to look younger with make-up.

antiaging makeupLet's first start with the easiest changes you can make straight away. These are changing your foundation and lipstick. It's incredible how using the most suitable foundation and lipcolor, someone can take years of their face instantly. In terms of lipcolor, you'd want to go for a rose shade. I prefer a cherubic rosy color but it somewhat depends on your skin tone. Experiment a little in the store and the make-up specialist should be able to advise if you go to a reputable department store. For the foundation, you want to use one which has light reflecting particles in it which will literally hide your fine lines.

Another quick tip is when applying eyeliner, only apply it on the upper lashes. This avoids accentuating any dark circles underneath the eyes. As with lips, I prefer a rose or metallic color. These will take focus away from your wrinkles around the eyes.

These changes are great to make, but for those looking for something a little more substantial, you probably want to go down to the root of the problem. I don't believe you can completely reverse aging and I certainly know from experience that no matter how good the product is, you cannot get rid of all your wrinkles using just a cream. This is a fact you need to face!

If you want to take it a step further and really attack those wrinkles, you could opt for a special anti-aging cream. It's important to do your research and read some of the best anti aging products reviews online. Testimonials and customer reviews are key.

If creams are not an option for you, then there are make-ups which have active ingredients in them which will do more than just hide those fine lines. Look for anti-aging makeups containing either retinol or antioxidants - which could reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The problem with a lot of these is that they can be quite harsh on the skin. I've used a few that really dried my skin out, so keep that in mind. Make sure you moisturise your skin at least daily when using an anti aging make-up.

I recently read a great LifeCell All-in-One Anti Aging Cream review which goes into more detail in terms of how the ingredients work. It also looks at the science behind some the claims made by anti wrinkle cream manufacturers.

If the make-up and the creams don't work, then there is one final option. That final step is of course cosmetic surgery. I personally am not a big fan of procedures such as botox, but I have plenty of clients who regularly get a beauty injection. I'd recommend you use a cream first before putting a needle in your face!


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