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Struggling with bad skin? Got a date coming up? Don’t panic, we have some great advice that will hide those pimples in no time.

But bear in mind, this advice is to conceal spots, not get rid of them. There are plenty of natural remedies for acne that have been proven to work very well. We highly recommend you actively do something to solve the problem, as covering it up just isn’t a great long term plan. What’s worse, some of these tips might inflame the skin a little more and make things worse.

There’s plenty of systems and books out there which deal with what products to use, how to change your diet to get rid of acne as fast as possible. We found a great Acne No More book review which I would encourage you to read.

cover up acneBut for those who just want to hide their zits right now, here’s our tip tips for concealing with makeup. Make sure you follow these carefully because if done wrong, you may actually highlight the spots instead of hiding them!

The first step is to cleanse and moisturize your face, and gently pad your face dry. If you want to reduce the swelling a little further you could use ice or ibuprofen to really reduce the red swelling. The next step is to use a hydrating primer (check the ingredients and ensure you’re not using a silicone based primer as this will make things worse).

Once that’s done, start applying green concealer on the affected areas. Use your finger to pat the concealer on the spots (don’t swipe). Then it’s time to add some foundation. Make sure you add the foundation carefully so as to not remove the concealer.

We’re almost there! Once all that’s done use your day-to-day color concealer, which should be the color of your skin (or at least somewhat similar). Use this to conceal the green areas still showing. The best way to do this is by putting a thin layer onto a concealer brush to pad the affected areas. You could use the bristles to push the concealer into the pimple. This will conceal it better but might cause more irritation, so I generally wouldn't do it unless I was desperate to cover everything up! As a final step, just powder up - preferably translucent or a darker color to hide everything away.

These simple steps should have concealed the pimples, zits and any redness from your face.

Before I finish, I'd like to stress again the importance of actually treating the acne. Just covering things up WILL make it worse. I've already suggested some natural treatments above, but if you're desperate and just want a solution that will reduce your acne fast, then I'd recommend reading this Acnezine review. Acnezine is a medicated acne cream and supplement which has helped many people take control of their face once more.

So there you go, you now know how to cure your acne naturally, how to get rid of it fast with supplements and creams, and how to hide it almost instantaneously. Hope this was all helpful!

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mascara tipsSometimes you just want something different. A different look, a different hairstyles, and different life! With these 3 quick make-up tips, you’ll spice up your look in no time.

1. Experiment With a Different Liner Shade

Most women use a black eye liner. While I’m a big fan of black - you do need to try something new once in a while to keep the excitement up. It’s really fun experimenting with different colors of liner.

If you want to look professional, you;ll want to keep a dark shade like brown or dark blue. When it comes to the weekend or a night out, try a few bright colors. You might be surprised how a little color change can affect you’re entire look.

You don’t even need to spend any money experiment with different shades. Go to the mall, and try them in the stores. Most of the time, a make-up expert might even be there to help you chose a new color for your skin tone.

2. Try a New Mascara

The same with eye liners, most women get stuck in their way when it comes to buying beauty products. Why not test a new brand, a new formulation. Go for volume eye makeup if you usually focus on lengthening or go for both. These subtle changes can make a drastic appearance in how you look. It’s really all about testing new formulations and colors and seeing what looks best on you.

3. Make Sure You Curl First

Moving on from step 2, most professionals swear by curling before applying mascara. Use an eyelash curler before not after for the the biggest and brightest look.

With these tips you’ll be looking like a new woman in no time. Remember, what looks best will really depend on you. What skin type you have, you’re hairstyle and even your clothes will impact what looks best. Keep trying, have fun experimenting with new things and you’ll find your optimal look and make-up in no time! Have fun trying something new this weekend.

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There has been a lot of debate recently whether traditional make up is a hazard to your health or not. In particular, with natural products becoming more popular, natural makeup products such as mineral make-up has recently become much more popular. Here I'll take a look at whether there's any truth in the stories about  makeup being dangerous and I'll also look into whether you should be using something like mineral make-up instead.

Is make-up dangerous?

Scarily, I'v been reading some articles that suggest traditional make-up is full of toxic ingredients which are dangerous to our health. Ingredients such as coal tar, benzene and phenylenediamine are often found in products like blushers. Many cosmetics are full of other harmful substances such as synthetic ingredients which not only harm us, but poison the environment. We've not really seen conclusive evidence of any of this, but the stories alone are enough to scare us into looking for more natural alternatives. One thing to bear in mind, is that the make-up we use and recommend is of high quality, and those news articles tend to focus on cheaper products. If you are concerned you could check out the prodcuts you use at EWG.

So what's the deal with mineral make-up?

mineral-makeupI've seen more and more dermatologists recommend mineral make-up because it’s better for your skin due to the lack of chemicals and additives which could lead to irritation. So if you have sensitive skin, then yes, a natural make-up may be beneficial to you. But are there really any other benefits?

Well one main benefit of using mineral make-up is that as opposed to regular make-up, it provides some form of sun protection. This is as the results of ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide which block the sun. But even then, it's not a complete substitute to sun screen on a sunny day.

One thing to be careful of is when buying mineral make-up is to quickly check the ingredients listed on the product. You might be surprised to see not everything is natural. Go for a well known brand that has a good reputation to protect yourself from any nasty chemicals.

Have you ever heard of the expression "a smile is worth a thousand words"? Well, it's true. Most women don't realize that just by smiling more, they become more attractive. Even the best-make up can't compete with a beautiful smile.

bracesThe thing is, not everyone has the perfect smile, and the reason is usually due to your teeth. I've been struggling with my smile for some time and wanted to share my story with you here, in the hopes that I can help those women struggling with the same problems.

How to get perfect teeth?

Honestly most women won't have to do too much. If you're a smoker or a frequent drinker you might want to consider using a tooth whitener, but that's for another time. However if you didn't have braces as a kid, you're very likely suffering from jaw misalignment or crooked tooth.

My colleague at our make-up salon recently had some braces put in by an Orthodontists which made me very curious. In fact, I'd been playing with the idea of having braces myself for quite some time.

I went to see a local Orthodontist in Alameda to find out some more details. He told me there are 4 types of braces I can go for:

  • Metal braces
  • Ceramic Braces
  • Lingual Braces
  • Invisalign

Metal braces are out of the question for obvious reasons, as I wanted something very unnoticeable. The dentist recommended I look for a practice that specialises in Invisalign braces, which are invisible as the name suggests.

After some more research, I found the best Orthodontist who was able to help me with a treatment to straighten my teeth and give me the so-called perfect smile. I ended up going for something very similar to Invisalign braces. They really are hardly noticeable. I'm glad I did it!

My advice to you is go get yourself an appointment, do some research and get the right solution for you to straighten out your smile.

I love being a make-up artist. I meet some of the most interesting characters in my day. A few weeks ago, I actually did the make-up for a famous singer, which was really exciting. It’s always been my dream to be a make-up artist for celebrities and other well known people. That kind of work is really fun and exciting, even though it’s a little demanding at times.

psychic-make-upThis week I had one of those interesting clients which I’ve been wanting for a while. It’s a famous celebrity psychic who has regular TV show appearances. I was lucky enough to be referred as their preferred make-up artist. After a short talk (kind of like an interview) with her, she agreed to give me a try. I was incredibly pleased and did the best possible job on her. I think I did a really good job, and I have the feeling that this will become a more permanent position. This is great news for me, as it looks like she's growing her fame fairly quickly. In addition to TV shows, she also has a column about psychic mediums in a magazine and newspaper and is regularly featured in online articles on onlinetarotandpsychics.com.

It’s quite funny, as I had this idea of how she wanted her make-up done. I was thinking some highly spiritual over-done eye-liner face. But it turner out she wanted a classic, very nondescript look, which suited me just fine. She certainly doesn't look like the gypsy with a crystal ball you sometimes see at the local fair. In fact, she's a gorgeous looking lady.

I always try to chat to my clients to form a personal relationship with them. It increases my chances they come back and see me, and it makes my job so much more enjoyable. With this psychic I got to ask some interesting questions about what it is she does.

I found out that she performs readings for a company called Psychic Source. I did some research after meeting her and the Psychic Source reviews are incredibly positive online.

It’s such an interesting world, and I’m incredibly grateful to be able to serve this woman. She was recently awarded the title of best free tarot card reading online which is an incredible achievement.  I was promised a free psychic reading from her, so I'm very excited to try it out for my first time!

We all put on make-up to look better. But there comes a time in each women's life where we start putting our make-up on more to hide our wrinkles than anything else. In this post I'll be sharing my secrets on how to look younger with make-up.

antiaging makeupLet's first start with the easiest changes you can make straight away. These are changing your foundation and lipstick. It's incredible how using the most suitable foundation and lipcolor, someone can take years of their face instantly. In terms of lipcolor, you'd want to go for a rose shade. I prefer a cherubic rosy color but it somewhat depends on your skin tone. Experiment a little in the store and the make-up specialist should be able to advise if you go to a reputable department store. For the foundation, you want to use one which has light reflecting particles in it which will literally hide your fine lines.

Another quick tip is when applying eyeliner, only apply it on the upper lashes. This avoids accentuating any dark circles underneath the eyes. As with lips, I prefer a rose or metallic color. These will take focus away from your wrinkles around the eyes.

These changes are great to make, but for those looking for something a little more substantial, you probably want to go down to the root of the problem. I don't believe you can completely reverse aging and I certainly know from experience that no matter how good the product is, you cannot get rid of all your wrinkles using just a cream. This is a fact you need to face!

If you want to take it a step further and really attack those wrinkles, you could opt for a special anti-aging cream. It's important to do your research and read some of the best anti aging products reviews online. Testimonials and customer reviews are key.

If creams are not an option for you, then there are make-ups which have active ingredients in them which will do more than just hide those fine lines. Look for anti-aging makeups containing either retinol or antioxidants - which could reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The problem with a lot of these is that they can be quite harsh on the skin. I've used a few that really dried my skin out, so keep that in mind. Make sure you moisturise your skin at least daily when using an anti aging make-up.

I recently read a great LifeCell All-in-One Anti Aging Cream review which goes into more detail in terms of how the ingredients work. It also looks at the science behind some the claims made by anti wrinkle cream manufacturers.

If the make-up and the creams don't work, then there is one final option. That final step is of course cosmetic surgery. I personally am not a big fan of procedures such as botox, but I have plenty of clients who regularly get a beauty injection. I'd recommend you use a cream first before putting a needle in your face!


Arguibally the most important thing to consider when choosing makeup is what color is best for you. Mess up the color, and you could look all wrong.

The key when choosing your makeup colors is understanding your skin complexion, in particular whether your skin is warm or cool. This will make it so much easier to pick the right shades for your skin type.

make up colorTo break things down a little more, here's some of the key factors that will determine whether you need a cool color:

  • You have a dark hair color
  • The color of you eyes are blue or green
  • Your skin tone is either rosy or olive

Here's the key factors that will determine if you need a warm color:

  • You have a light hair color
  • The color of you eyes are dark
  • Your skin tone is darker

When it comes to eyeshadow, as a rule of thumb if you have lighter skin, you would want to go for dark colors like brown or purple. But if you have a darker skin, you'd look much better with lighter colors, our favorite would be pink or even silver.

These rules do not apply when it comes to face powder. We constantly see girls with pale skin trying to compensate with a darker color. This is a big mistake, and you should always try to use a simple color, cream would work best. For those with a darker complexion, there hard no hard rules. You could go much darker without adverse effects.

One important thing to bear in mind is that all women (yes, you too!) are different. While the above rules are great general guidelines to follow when choosing the color of your make-up; bear in mind that your skin complexion is unique in some ways. So follow the rules, and then make a decision whether it looks good on you. If it doesn't, try something new. We encourage experimenting with as many different colors and shades as possible to see which ones make you look best.